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What's this all about?
With the recent cost of gas prices adding dollars to the daily commute and several city and state government offices now offering 4-day options for their employees, now is the time 4 change!. - read more.
We're Moving 4-ward
Gas prices and energy conservation aren't the only subjects fueling the 4-day work week conversation. - read more.
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Now is the time 4 change

Say farewell to the five eights!
Do you feel left behind in the 4-day work week movement? Would you like to see a 4-day work week offered by your employer? Would you like to save a few dollars at the pump? If you've already seen the 4days.us logo at your place of business, it's a good chance that others in your company do too.

With the growing energy crisis and increased cost of fuel and transportation, there has never been a better time to be in favor of the 4-day work week. Join 4-orces with 4days.us and start your own grassroots effort 4 change today!

Click here to learn more about how you can promote and encourage the 4-day work week at your place of business.

Those Be-4 Us
Many companies and some states are now moving to the 4-day work week. Find jobs and employers that are currently offering 4-day options. - Search Now.



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